We are all always manifesting – it’s whether or not we’re doing it deliberately or by default that makes the difference in our results.

Everything you have in your life now is a result of manifestation (whether or not you ever knew the word ‘manifesting’ or anything about it. It’s like gravity – it still applied to your life before you ever knew it existed).

So it’s important that we recognise that, by whatever name/steps/beliefs we call it – and whether we did it consciously or not, we have followed the manifesting process to try to achieve desired results throughout our whole lives.

To provide some context and background to the manifesting tip I want to share with you, let’s go a little deeper first.

I’m going to give you a basic mundane-language rundown of the manifesting process, minus the usual manifesting/Spiritual/energy-based language, just to keep it super straightforward.

Basic Process Rundown

We have a thought about something we want
We decide we definitely want it (assuming that we don’t instantly block ourselves with self-doubt and disbelief)
We go do things to help make it happen
We do things to prepare for its forthcoming arrival
We get the thing

I’m going to give you a couple of examples of this process in action – in a super general basic way.

Example 1

Having a baby
We think about having a baby
We decide we definitely want to have a baby
We engage in specific actions to get pregnant
We buy baby items, prepare a room for its arrival etc
We give birth to a baby

Example 2

Moving house
We think about moving elsewhere
We decide we definitely want to move
We start looking for houses, asking friends if they know of anywhere etc
We start packing and attending inspections etc
We get a new home and move in

Example 3

Fast food drive-thru
We think about having something to eat
We decide we definitely want to eat and we’re going to have fast food
We get in the car, go to the drive-thru window, and order it
We pay, and sit and wait at the window where they’ll hand us our order
We get and eat our food

In all of these examples you are manifesting your desired outcome.

But it doesn’t sound very mystical or magical when it’s put like this does it?

(There’s a whole other conversation to be had about why we manifest ‘expected’ things, like these examples, so easily compared to things we believe to be ‘unrealistic’ or ‘unlikely’, which is a discussion for another day…but long story short, it’s all about mindset and beliefs!)

So can you see now what I mean about how we’re always manifesting, and that maybe it’s not as “out there”, unavailable, or unachievable as you may have initially thought?

To simplify the process even further into just 2 steps, we can look at manifesting in this way:

“Take a thought and make it real”

This idea of ‘manifesting = making real’ is a key piece in manifesting, and a really simple tip which will massively help you.

This is also why, as part of my teachings and my Manifesting Mastery sessions, I help people to recognise their power as creators, and to see that the ability to manifest (ie. to make things real), isn’t outside of them, but that it is within them because they are incredible souls who are created from, and constantly connected with, Source Energy.

This means that the same energy that made you and brought you into reality…the same energy you are literally made of…is the same energy you are always tapped into and can work (manifest) with to create your perfect reality.

Now that’s pretty fucking cool, isn’t it?!

So why aren’t things manifesting?

Okay, now, for those of you who are already thinking “so Ellie, if this is all true, then why am I not a billionaire, married to the hottest person on the planet, living with a solid diamond and gold toilet inside a mansion that’s floating on a yacht inside an even bigger mansion, balanced on top of my private jet, on my own island!?”

Welcome to being human, my friend!

The only reason you haven’t manifested what you want (or, the reason you’ve manifested things you didn’t want) is because of the beliefs you (your humanness) is holding about how you can’t have it/don’t deserve it/could never achieve something like that/aren’t lucky or successful like others/always fail/it hasn’t worked for you yet, so why would it now/aren’t good enough (any of these ring a bell…?)

And because of these annoying little mindset critters (and the ‘Negativity Committee’ they formed in your brain) you’re blocking your full potential, and connection with your power and Source Energy.

So, I could talk about the benefits of mindset work and rewriting limiting beliefs all day, but that’s not entirely why we’re here right now.

The reason I’ve brought this up is because everything I’ve said so far is to help you understand why this tip is so powerful.

The beauty of thinking of manifesting as ‘making real’ is that it’s a mindset ‘hack’, and it will also align you with taking inspired action more easily.

So while it won’t replace doing any necessary inner work and healing, you will find that it still helps with working around some of the doubt and limiting beliefs that have been hindering your ability to manifest so far – and will also help you recognise more clearly when you’re being guided to take inspired action to support the ‘making real’ of your desires.

In a way, this will help you to ‘normalise’ manifesting so you can fully understand that it’s as constant and present as something like gravity (Law of Gravity… Law of Attraction… they apply to us all!), or anything else like that which everybody fully accepts and doesn’t even think twice about because it just IS!

(When was the last time you went to sleep worrying about whether you’d wake up on the ceiling cos gravity might not be there the next day?… Exactly.)

This doesn’t mean to take away the awe, and joy, and wonder of experiencing all your desires coming to fruition as if by magick (because it IS! It’s magick you’re making!) nor is it about minimising your connection or ability to co-create with The Universe.

But, instead, it’s about enhancing these things – and reinforcing them by having them backed by unwavering faith and belief in yourself, your desires, your connection with the Universe, your power as a creator, and an absolute trust and knowing that you can create the life you want!

You can have whatever you desire. It is available to you. And you ARE worthy and deserving of it!

So, tell me…what desire are you going to start making real today?

With love,

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