Have you ever noticed the difference between how you show up in your life when you’re happy compared to when you’re not?

For me, before my healing and transformation journey, the difference was always extreme – when I felt good I was so happy, open, receptive, loving, caring, creative, more confident than usual, and playful, and I’d also notice that abundance and positivity would flow quite naturally and easily (and this became an even stronger flow the more I aligned with my true self) and even things like my posture and the way I held myself were different and felt better.

Then, on the total opposite side of that, when I didn’t feel good, I was so cranky, snappy, closed off, jealous, judgmental, insecure, fearful, miserable, totally caught in lack mindset, and would be extremely self-loathing – amongst a lot of other negative feelings – and I’d also have a hunched posture, with my head and eyes down most of the time.

And maybe you’re a little bit like I was – always apologising for having feelings and thinking I had to basically apologise for my existence.  I even used to make up excuses for how I was, because I didn’t think it was okay to feel the way I felt.

I used to always say that the reason I always looked down was because I wanted to watch where I was walking cos I was clumsy and might trip over otherwise. And while this was partially true about the clumsiness – the real reason was because I felt awful and wanted to hide and not be seen – and I definitely didn’t want to be questioned or asked about how I was feeling or behaving.

(Side note: along with so many other amazing transformations in my life which came from committing to doing the inner work so I could create a life I love, I even manifested myself being less clumsy, and more graceful, using my unique manifesting strategy which has proven its power and potency time and time again both in my life and in my clients’ lives! If you want to learn more about this, check out my Manifesting Mastery page)

I can still remember how much I used to apologise for totally unnecessary stuff – and I know that this certainly didn’t help me to feel better when I was already not feeling good!

So, how did I start to combat all of this to become a person who’s always asked “how are you always so genuinely happy?” and “what’s your secret to being so high vibe?!”…

I decided to commit to myself and my happiness – and although I knew I couldn’t just flip a switch and remove my depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, excess weight, and everything else that was making me miserable – I did begin to understand that I could choose to commit to myself and my happiness in that very moment.

I decided to believe that happiness was my birthright and WAS available to me – no matter how far away it felt – and I decided to begin reclaiming my power and my happiness.


First, I had to understand and really comprehend that happiness is an inside job.

And no matter how much I tried to buy, drink, eat, or use other external things to try to attain happiness, these were only temporary solutions which might lead me to feel momentarily better, but were not what I truly needed.

Next, I started saying YES to my needs.

For so long I had completely abandoned myself and my needs in favour of bending over backwards to ridiculous extremes for anyone and everyone else. And while helping others is an important part of this human experience, it’s not meant to be at our totally negative, soul-depleting, detrimental expense.

And believe me, as a people pleaser at the time, I didn’t know how I was meant to start saying YES to myself – and, very scarily, saying NO to others!   But I persevered because I knew that this would be uncomfortable – but I also knew that the feeling of discomfort I’d experience here was a whole lot better than spending the rest of my life suffering a life of misery and depression.

Then, I decided to love myself enough to commit time, energy, and money to my healing and transformation.

I made the decision (which was so scary at the time) to invest in the person that I wanted to become, and to the life that I wanted to live – which I knew was available to me if I was prepared to commit myself fully to claiming it.

This was probably one of the hardest steps – because actually spending money on myself, especially on something that wasn’t an actual tangible item, like another crystal or another object that I thought would ‘fix’ me and all my problems, was very hard to justify.

But I knew that if I was prepared to invest in myself, my inner world, and my true self (the INSIDE, rather than another thing for the outside) then this would be the game changer.

And it absolutely was.

I’ll never regret a single piece of time, energy or money that I’ve invested in myself, on my healing, on aligning with my true self, and on coming home to my soul.

And I definitely will never regret pushing away all of the excuses, stories and reasons I used for NOT investing in myself – and instead, just finally committing to ME!

So today I ask you – if you’re not feeling completely happy with things in your life – to please commit to one of the steps I’ve listed above.

Because your happiness should be the priority above all else.

And if you’re like I was, then this is hard to comprehend! Because we think that other people – and the way that we help, please, and serve them – should be what matters most.

But I promise that if you make this commitment to yourself and your happiness, you will show up in all areas of your life and relationships in such a way that by simply existing you are an incredible and positive light in people’s lives – and that you will be more loving, caring, and helpful than you can even imagine.

By saying YES to your happiness, not only do you feel a whole lot better about everything, but I promise you that you will show up in your life in a way that is absolutely beneficial to all of the people, places, and things around you – and you will love it every step of the way.

If I could have a wish for you, it’s that you truly recognise that happiness IS your birthright – and that you choose to release anything that doesn’t serve you in moving forward to align into your happiest most joyful, abundant, fulfilled life (and know that it’s not selfish to focus on those things!)

I hope that you recognise that by committing to YOU, your inner world, your happiness, and creating a life you love you will naturally bring the greatest, highest and most loving version of yourself into every other aspect of your life.

And I also hope that you know you don’t have to take any of this journey alone!

That’s why I created the low-cost, very affordable Sacred Circle Membership so you can have access to me and my support, an amazing tribe, and all of the tools and resources you’ll ever need to create a happy, abundant fulfilled, and aligned life!

You are worthy and deserving of a life you absolutely love – and you deserve to be happy every single day.

So dream big, my love, because you CAN have it ALL.

And I’m here to show you how! So please reach out to me if I can help or support you in any way with any of this!

I love you!