This sweet little star tin was part of a cheap hot chocolate gift set I bought myself specifically because the tin was so cute, as was the starry cup it came with.

I’ve gone on to use this tin as a part of many rituals and spells, as well as it simply being something that brings me joy (and therefore raises my vibration) just to look at.

You don’t need to spend a fortune, or only buy things that are specifically marketed as Witchcraft/Occult/Magickal items. And, spoiler alert, you can still be a Witch (or magickal practitioner/Spiritual etc) and LITERALLY not own a single ‘Witchy’ item.

(To be honest, I’ve found that most Witches do have a little bit of a hoarding tendency for things like crystals, cards, incense, jars, herbs…the list goes on (guilty lol) but it’s not a necessity!)

Who you are is what matters, not what you have.

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