It’s time for some real talk about manifesting:

Can we REALLY create a life we love? (Like, seriously, really?)

Let me answer this by telling you about this morning…

This morning I woke up naturally to a beautiful chilly morning, felt happy and relaxed with no constraints on my time or my schedule, made coffee and crawled back into my warm bed – and put my feet under my still-sleeping husband’s legs to steal some of his warmth.

Then, before picking up a book to read, all snug and warm – with hubby-heating, coffee, and kitties – I stopped for a moment to sink into the feeling of gratitude I felt.

Not only was I feeling so seriously grateful in that moment for everything as it was – but I was also reminded how it wasn’t so long ago that my mornings – especially Mondays – were so different.

I remember the dread, sleepless nights, deep anxiety and depression, powerlessness, stagnancy, overwhelm – and more – and being forced to endure toxic people, places and things and feeling like my soul was being sucked dry.

I remember that every day I was desperate for sleep so I could get some relief from my waking life, but by the night, I was desperately trying to numb out to avoid sleeping too soon because I knew that on the other side of sleep was another day of suffering.

So now…sitting here in the sunshine, writing to you, happier than ever, feeling completely fulfilled, living an aligned high-vibe life full of passion and purpose, with my fur and feather kids around me, coffee in a Hello Kitty mug, Tool playing loud, and watching hubby being adorable as he works on a project…now ask me if we can really manifest our best life…

Because I have manifested mine! (And continue to elevate it to new levels as I feel aligned to!)…and I promise you, my love, if I can do it – then you absolutely can manifest your best life too!

I’m using my example to show you what’s possible for YOU: your very own dream life manifested into reality, too!

So, yes! Absolutely! Manifesting DOES work!

The thing to remember is that we’re ALL always manifesting – but its whether we do it deliberately or by default that determines the types of results we get.

Manifesting through deliberate creation is the best, easiest, and fastest way to get from where we’re at, to where we want to be!

If you have been connecting into deliberate creation, but don’t have the results you want in your life right now, it just means there’s some blocks stopping or slowing the manifestation – but, as frustrating as they can be, these blocks CAN be cleared – and often easier than you might think!

An in-depth discussion about clearing blocks is a topic for another day – but in the meantime there’s content to help you with this in the Sacred Circle Membership, so come and join to start clearing your blocks and manifesting your desires straight away – and it’s also one of my areas of expertise, so click here if you want to book a session with me and we can bust through those blocks quickly and effectively!

To begin working through any blocks and to kickstart the manifesting process, start getting really clear on what you actually want your dream future to look like.

(Hint: Journal it! And bonus points if you take note of any limiting beliefs, doubt, or fear-based thoughts that pop up for you to process, heal and release while you’re doing it!)

Make sure you explore and consider ALL the different areas of your life while you’re visualising your dream future.

And remember to dream big, my love, because you CAN have it ALL!

I love you!

With Love,


(P.S Comment below and let me know what you’re manifesting during the rest of this year!)