We came here to have a human experience & embrace the opportunity for our soul’s growth. But yes, we are still human, and some days are easy, some days are harder.

If we can intentionally seek to find the joy, lessons & growth available to us in all experiences – even the hard ones – our lives improve immensely as our emotional state shifts out of vibrations such as sadness, victimhood, self-pity, shame, blame and guilt, and up into vibrations of empowerment, happiness, and optimism.

Our true vibrational state – also known as our home frequency – is one that’s aligned with love, joy and bliss. And these states of being are always available to you, I promise. Happiness IS your birthright.

If you can love where you’re at through understanding the beauty of your soul’s journey through this human experience, you’ll not only feel better – but you’ll also align with where you want to be much more quickly.

Align yourself with the blessing that it is to be alive, and celebrate this opportunity to be here in your body at this time.

Connect into feelings of love & gratitude for this wonderful soul journey you’re on, and watch your world change for the better 💜

(Bonus points for those who go and listen to ‘Parabol’ and ‘Parabola’ by Tool (in that order! You’ll see why!) and pay attention to the words ❤ )