I made this necklace a while back, and I remember not that long ago when my intuition was giving me a serious ‘YOU NEED TO WEAR THIS’ vibe and basically slapping me across the face as I was choosing my jewellery for the day.

My intuition was definitely on point that day – as I needed all the help I could get to battle some seriously negative and toxic bullshit that ended up being thrown my way.

The beauties in this necklace are Tourmaline (top) and Tourmalinated Quartz – both are powerhouses of protection against (and transmuters of) negativity, which was precisely what I needed.

I decided a long time ago that I’m no longer available for drama, negative bullshit, or toxic behaviour. And I’m very grateful to have multiple tools (including crystals) and strategies in my toolkit against it.

I definitely recommend you have both of these crystals in your collection for those times where you need to supercharge the protective energy around you (and for the MANY other benefits they provide, including just their presence being so incredible 😍).

If you have any questions about crystals, let me know ❤

P.S. And stay tuned for my upcoming masterclass on ‘Healing & Working with Crystals’! 💎🔮