A few times a year, Mercury appears to be going backwards in the dance we do around the Sun. However, the truth is that it’s not actually going backwards but is just how it appears from our perspective on Earth.

Energetically, because of the apparent “backwards” movement of Mercury during this time, it means that there is potential for the various things that Mercury corresponds with to also go a little “backwards” or haywire.

And, since Mercury corresponds with all things communication, writing, thinking, knowledge, memory, concentration, education, electronics, technology, business, trade, commerce, money making, and travel, Mercury Retrograde can result in some funky energy happening in these areas.

But, here is the most important truth. WE NEED TO STOP FEARING IT.

It’s become really popular to fear and blame Mercury Retrograde for everything and it’s started to get a really bad reputation over the years. And yes, the energy does have an influence on us, but it doesn’t have to be a time of panic and dread (or of unwittingly creating a self-fulfilling prophesy because of getting caught up in the negative hype and fear-mongering!)

This is a magical time for us all, and presents a powerful opportunity for growth and evolution should we choose to see it through the lens of that perspective, rather than the perspective of this being a time to fear.

Ultimately Mercury Retrograde is only going to shake up the things that need to be shaken up for your growth, expansion and highest good. For example, it’ll bring things to the surface that are asking to be healed, or loose ends that are ready to be tied up, or help you to gain new insights into things you’ve been avoiding or pushing away.

So we really can utilise this time to enhance our lives. 

We can take our awareness of the approaching Mercury Retrograde and start to take appropriate and empowering actions to best serve and benefit us, and utilise this time to our advantage.

Everything in life is offering you the opportunity to step deeper into your personal power as a deliberate creator of your life.

And this is what it’s all about… During any season, cycle, planetary alignment or anything else in life, it’s about standing in your power and owning your life, instead of it just letting life happen AT and TO you and feeling like you’re powerless to do anything about it.

So, for example, if you know you’re going camping in the snow…you plan for and pack your warm snow gear and any other necessary items! You don’t go there in a bikini and sit complaining that the cold weather is ruining your life, and disempower yourself in victim mentality about it (or if you do, do your inner work to shift your energy to something more empowering!)

Or another example…if you’re in the ocean and you know you’re about to get hit by a big wave then you could take necessary steps before hand, like take a deep breath, brace yourself, come up to surface as soon as you can etc. Or, if you know that it’s going to happen a few times a year, like Mercury Retrograde does, then you can make sure you’ve learned to swim, or even surf and take your board with you when you know the big waves are coming.

Obviously these are just loose examples for this analogy, but you know what I mean.

So here’s a question: if you know Mercury Retrograde is approaching…and you know there’s a higher potential for things to go a bit haywire in the areas Mercury corresponds with, like communication issues (both in your thoughts, and the way you communicate with yourself and others), confusion, delays, arguments, old things resurfacing etc…what’s the proactive approach you can take towards that?

Also, little side note…if you’re a Gemini or Virgo, Mercury Retrograde might be a little bit extra funky with you since it’s your ruling planet. So if you’re either of those signs, or if you have people in your life who are, just know that they might be feeling it a little extra at this time.

BUT REMEMBER: Whatever your sign, whatever your influences, whatever the energies going on around you, you ALWAYS get to choose your focus, you always get to choose to find your empowerment within each situation, and you always get to choose how to use the energies for your benefit.

So Mercury Retrograde offers you the opportunity, and is the perfect time, to do things like reflect, renew, revisit, reconcile, research, refocus, reconsider, refresh, and review.

We get to decide if it’s an obstacle or an opportunity. We get to decide if it’s a problem or a possibility

And this is where the energy of allowing, and going with the energetic flow, is going to benefit you the most. 

Because being in total resistance to the fact that it’s going to happen whether you like it or not is just going to make things much more difficult for you. Plus, when we’re just battling against something that already IS, we’re wasting our energy and not able to receive the clarity, understanding, or movement that we desire to move forward towards where we want to be instead.

So, with all that said, here are some examples of how you can make the most of Mercury Retrograde:

* Be more mindful and deliberate with your communication; with yourself and others.

* Allow yourself to go with the flow of the energies at this time. Spend some time in self-reflection and utilising things like journalling to support your growth and expansion. Tune into your soul each day and see what you feel is aligned for you to lean into for that day.

* Plan in advance, since you’re aware that there might be a higher potential for some things to go a little bit haywire. Instead of fighting against it, make peace with it, and do things like backup important files, double check all documents and communication, if you have to make any big decisions or sign contracts etc make sure you thoroughly read it all and ask as many questions as needed etc.

* Take the time to revisit or renew things you’ve started in the past, or things that feel like loose ends now ready to be tied up.

* Seek resolution on anything that’s been taking up space in your mind and still draining your energy because it feels unfinished or incomplete.

* Explore and be openly curious to what the Universe is telling and showing you by gently observing any signs, messages, synchronicities, or shadows and wounds that are coming up for healing.

* Reconsider, revisit and redefine what you want next in your life, what your goals and desires are, what you’re choosing to manifest, and who you’re choosing to become as the next-level version of you.

(Bonus tip: there’s a bit of a joke that goes around online about people regretting that they text their ex and cut in a fringe (bangs) during Mercury Retrograde…so, even though not everyone feels a sudden impulse to do either of those things…maybe hold off on texting any exes or cutting your hair til the Retrograde period is over 😉 )

Ultimately, the Universe is inviting you to consciously decide how you’ll connect with and utilise these upcoming energies to your benefit, so that you can move closer to what you want and maintain momentum in the direction of the changes and improvements you’re seeking.

And remember…The Universe always loves and supports you, and that includes during Mercury Retrograde! 

With Love,