I was sitting outside earlier, doing my Daily Mantra Meditation and sinking deep into gratitude, and I was guided to write to you with some affirmations and mantra ideas to finish your week off strong, empowered, and so you can align into an awesome, magical and abundant weekend (and week) ahead!

When it comes to using mantras and affirmations, you can say these out loud or to yourself, but remember to really feel into them, and get your energy behind them.

Here are some you can use (feel free to change or add to them)

I am open to recognising and acknowledging my achievements this week.

I am worthy of taking time out for myself this weekend.

I am enough. I am worthy. Eternally.

I am open to receiving beautiful blessings of love and abundance from the Universe.

I’d also love you to choose a single word that you’re going to carry into the weekend, as your mantra and intention for the main energy you want to call into your life.

Some suggestions are Love, Peace, Healing, Joy or Abundance (or use them all!)

Focus on this word and repeat (chant) it as often as you want or need to, and allow the energy of this word to flow in and bring its magic to your life.

After you’ve started doing these things, remember to look for the blessings that will already be coming your way!

(And feel free to write to me and tell me what they are! I love hearing about the different signs, messages and blessings that come through!)

Happy weekend! And remember:

You are amazing.
I believe in you.
And I love you.


With Love,