One of the biggest reasons that we don’t have something we want in our lives yet (ie. it hasn’t manifested yet) is because we’re not actually being clear and specific enough.

And the reason we’re not usually clear and specific enough is because we haven’t been totally raw, bold, and unapologetic about what it is we really want.

And when I say this I mean: what we REALLY want. And the REAL ‘why’ behind it.

Too often we unintentionally let limitations block our desires.

These limitations can include things like: doubt, fear, scarcity/lack mindset, not wanting to upset others, thinking it’s greedy or selfish to want certain things, not allowing ourselves to dream because we think what we want is “too unrealistic” so we write it off before we even try…and so many other things in between.

But it’s when we get super clear, raw and TOTALLY unapologetic with our TRUE desires that things REALLY start to shift and change, and our manifesting starts to accelerate and then show up in our reality.

This is where the REAL magick happens!

That’s why I mean it when I tell you to dream big, my love. Because you REALLY CAN have it ALL.

So your soul-work this week is to explore where you might be limiting your own manifestations, and to get totally raw, bold, and unapologetic about what it is you really want – or you can book a session with me so I can support and guide you directly with this!

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So dream big, (and raw, and bold, and unapologetically) my love…

…because you CAN have it ALL.

I love you!