Me: *Sits at my outdoor table*
Spider across the yard: *comes running*
Me: *watches spider bolt across the yard, running at my feet… Moves feet*
Spider: *changes direction to continue aiming for my feet*
Me: “Sorry buddy, not on my feet please” *lifts feet off the ground*
Spider: *runs right up the table instead, and sits right near my legs*

Guess I made a new BFF today? 🤷‍♀️🕷

I know I’ve been doing some inner work on openness & connection today, so I guess I was a vibrational match to connecting with ol’ Spidey here 😂

Actually, Spidey’s manifested as a messenger for me today – thank you Spidey 🕷🙏 – and also a messenger for you, so here’s the Spider Card from my Animal Spirit Oracle Deck for you all ❤

So, what’s one thing you can do to take a step closer to making your dreams a reality today? ❤