Solstice blessings to you!

Each Solstice is a powerful and potent time for transformation, reflection, releasing, renewal and rebirth.

And you can connect into these incredible and powerful energies to support you to create and achieve the outcomes you desire in your life.

How do you do this?

Over the next few days spend some time outside and truly be present.

Notice nature, notice the Sun, the Moon, the trees, the wind, the temperature, the feel of the air on your skin, the colour of the leaves, the wildlife, the cat clawing at your legs trying to climb you like a tree (or is that just me it happens to?!)

Whatever you pay attention to – truly be there, fully present in those moments.

Notice how the seasons have changed, reflect on the cycle of the seasons, the changing, the transformation, the ebb and the flow.

And then move your awareness within.

Consider how you’ve changed, your own cycles and seasons, your transformation, your growth.

And…your future.



Ask yourself these questions:

What’s next for me? What do I WANT to be next for me?

What do I want to release? What do I CHOOSE to release?

What do I feel inspired to create in my life?

What do I choose to ALLOW and ATTRACT into my life?

What sort of soul tribe do I want supporting me in this next season of my life? How will I actively FIND and CONNECT with them?

(Come and join me and my Soul Tribe in the Sacred Circle Membership – we’re waiting to welcome you with open arms!)

Who do I want to be, and how do I want to show up in my life? Who do I COMMIT to becoming?



Reflect and ponder these questions, and anything else that feels right to consider at this potent and powerful transformative time.

It’s your time to fully unlock and step into your brilliance.

It’s your time to create a life you love – and continue to love more and more each day.

You are completely worthy and capable of creating the results and success that you seek in your life.

So dream big, my love, because you CAN have it ALL!

Hit reply and let me know what you’re calling into your life at this Solstice!

With Solstice blessings,

I love you!