There are many reasons why we try to keep ourselves small – fear of failure and fear of success being amongst the main ones.

For me, it was both (go me! lol). As well as a fear of being seen… Which you’d think would make no sense for a girl who basically walks around like a peacock with coloured hair, a mohawk, plenty of face metal (piercings) and wearing goth, metal & punk gear.

But wounds, shadows and trauma present themselves in very different and interesting ways, and can present differently for everyone.

I had to take myself through a big journey of healing to stop keeping myself stuck in ‘small mode’.

I’d always known, deep down, that I was made for so much more than just hiding in the shadows and in the background of my life. But it was scary out there in the big bad world outside my comfort zone of keeping myself small…or so I thought.

It actually wasn’t scary out there at all. In fact, I’ve never been happier than I’ve been since I shattered that comfort zone, and allowed myself to shine, succeed, and be my authentic self; truly owning my right to be here, and to exist and ‘take up space’ in this world.

And it all started with allowing myself to put just one little pinkie toe outside of my comfort zone, and experience the beauty of stepping right out of ‘small mode’.

Today’s mantra is a powerful affirmation which will help you to do the same, and to start breaking through any of the blocks that might be keeping you playing small in your own life.

I hope this helps you.

With love,