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Manifesting Challenge

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Ready to manifest like a pro?

Everything you need to know about manifesting,
attracting your desires with ease,
and creating a life you love.

Learn how to become a powerful manifestor


+Fully activate your manifesting abilities
+ Consciously and deliberately create your future

+ Trust that the Universe wants you to have everything you desire
+ Learn to avoid the most common manifesting mistakes
+ Deepen your Spirituality to boost your manifesting
+ Raise your vibration and become an energetic match to your desires
+ Strengthen your intuition
+ Learn simple and effective manifesting tips



The Manifesting Challenge is hosted by Ellie Townsend, Spiritual Teacher, Master Life Coach and Master Healer.

Make 2021 your best year yet!

Challenge Details


Day 1: December 31st
Day 2: January 1st
Day 3: January 2nd

All sessions are at 8pm (AEDT/Melbourne)
Replays available for those who can’t join live

Challenge is hosted online
Live on facebook within the Soul Journey Community group.

If you’re not already a member of the group, click the link below to go there and request to join.

Register by joining the Soul Journey Community group using the button below

If you’re ready to activate all of your Spiritual gifts, connect even deeper with the Universe and your Soul, and fully transcend limitations to uplevel every area of your life – come and join us in Soul Journey Academy.

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