Dark Moon Ritual

Releasing guilt, shame & blame

Online Workshop, Healing, and Ritual.

It’s time to release the guilt, shame and blame you’ve been feeling.

You’re allowed to release the anchors that have been weighing so heavily.

To cut the cords that keep you drained.

To put down the baggage from the past that still keeps you stuck and spinning

And release the things that haunt you, that are so ready to be released.

You deserve to feel empowered, free, liberated from the guilt, shame and blame that you know you deserve to release.

You deserve to be driving in the direction of your dreams without monsters in the rear view mirror.

And without the pull and coercion of the things guilt makes you feel you must do, or can’t do, because of it.

The things is that sometimes part of us is holding onto the baggage, pain, shame, or guilt because we think that will protect us and keep us safe from having the same situation that caused it happen again…

Or that it’ll keep us from making the same mistake.

But that’s like holding onto a burning coal so that you won’t risk touching the fire.

It hurts, limits and restricts you.

You have to understand that you’re not who you were…

…and you’re allowed to stop beating yourself up for what happened.

And, you have to realise that it’s not because you’re beating yourself up that you keep yourself from doing the same thing again.

It’s because you’ve learned from what you went through.

You only care so deeply about what happened and feel so much guilt because you’ve got a good heart and you care so much.

So you don’t need to make yourself suffer anymore, because part of you thinks that that’s the strategy to keep you from repeating the past.

You’ve learned from what you consider to be your past mistakes (even if you don’t think you have) and you’ve turned them into wisdom.

And that wisdom will show you the way.

Your caring heart will guide you.

And your soul that will lead you down different paths.

It’s your healing and release from the guilt that will allow you to do things differently.

In ways that feel better.

In ways that are much more aligned with your happiness and the truth of who you are.

In ways that benefit you and everyone around you.

Because being shrouded in guilt, blame and shame just dims your light.

And no one benefits when you suppress your shine.

You can trust and allow yourself to release the baggage now.

You can trust and allow yourself to release the shame, blame, guilt and self-resentment that no longer serves you, and is just weighing you down.

You can trust and allow yourself to rise up: free, unashamed, liberated, and aligned.

You and the world deserve for you to be the highest version of yourself.

And you can’t do that if you’re anchored down so heavily.

It’s time to put the baggage down.

It’s your time to rise.

You’re so ready for it.

And I’m here to show you exactly what to do.

Let’s Do This!

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Event Details

Releasing Blame, Shame and Guilt
Dark Moon Workshop, Healing and Ritual

Sunday February 19th 2023

8pm (Aus Eastern)

Approximately 1 hour

Hosted live, online, in a private group on facebook

Replay available if you can’t attend live or want to rewatch.

What you need to bring…

Please ensure you have a pen and paper/journal

Ellie will lead you through the workshop, healing and release ritual, including a short but powerful guided meditation, and will have ritual tools at her location to conduct a ceremony, during the event, on behalf of the group.

Therefore, you’re not required to have any items (other than pen and paper) for the ritual, but you’re welcome to have any tools or items with you that you feel will support and benefit you during this powerful event.

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Ellie is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Coach, and Master Healer.

She has transformed herself and her entire life; taking herself from an unfulfilled half-lived life of hopelessness, suffering and stagnation, to thriving in a life of joy, fulfillment, abundance and success.

Ellie now helps people around the world to heal, transform, and reclaim their lives, so they can become who they've always wanted to be, achieve the results they want, and create an aligned, fulfilled and abundant soul-led life they absolutely love.

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