Past Life Reading

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Past Life audio recorded reading, approximately 10 minutes long.

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Learn about your past lives, better understand yourself and your soul’s journey, and discover what you most need to know about the connection between your past and present life.

These readings can either be:

General: Where I allow your Higher Self and Guides to show me the past life they most want you to know more about.

Specific: Where you can let me know of any particular era, culture, country, or theme you feel particularly connected to and would like to know more about a potential past life there. Or where you’d like to know more about something occurring in your current life (eg. dreams, desires, fears, blocks, interests etc) where you’d like to know more about the link between it and a past life.

Both types of readings also provide specific guidance for you in this lifetime, based on the circumstances and events from the past, which is important for you to know and for your soul’s growth and journey in this lifetime.

There is no set amount or type of information that will be provided in these readings as they all are very unique and will vary from reading to reading.



* Past Life Readings will likely be approximately 10 minutes long, but it can vary depending on the amount of information that comes through.

* Please note that each reading can only cover one past life. If you would like multiple past lives explored, please purchase multiple readings.

* You do not need to be present for your reading. Readings are done privately at the time I’m guided to do them, and are sent to you as an Audio file via facebook messenger or email within approximately 72 hours of your purchase.


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