4 hour VIP

Breakthrough Day

A powerful day of incredible breakthroughs and transformation

These sessions are a full day together, focused on you, your needs, your goals and anything else needed to help you release any limitations, negativity, or blocks keeping you from stepping into the greatest and highest version of yourself, and achieving the life and success you want.

Maximise your potential and supercharge your progress

You get a full 4 hours with Ellie’s eyes, ears, energy and expertise focused on anything and everything you need (these days are split into 2 x 2 hour sessions, with a 1 hour break in between)

We combine powerful and positive methods, strategies, tools and techniques to support, empower and fully equip you to achieve everything you want, and align you with the highest version of yourself, and into living your best life.

We cover various topics and aspects of your life, and will help you with:

Unlocking your gifts, abilities, purpose and full potential

Clarity and direction

Confidence, empowerment and motivation

Answers and insight

Clearing limiting beliefs

Guidance and best next steps

Strategies for soul-aligned success

Healing, grounding, and balancing

Removing blocks and overcoming obstacles

Releasing stress and anxiety

Decision making and saying YES to soul

Achieving your goals and desires

Increased determination and productivity

and anything else required to get to the core of exactly what you need and the fastest, easiest, most enjoyable pathway to soul-aligned success.

(You also get access to exclusive bonuses!)

Let’s unlock the pathway to your best and most fulfilled life.

If you’re ready for a truly life-changing experience,

to have the success you desire,

to release the limiting beliefs keeping you from your goals and dreams,

to experience the necessary breakthroughs and transformation you need to step into the greatest version of yourself, and the next level of your life,

and to take action, and experience the breakthroughs and transformation that’ll get you to exactly where you want to be, this VIP Day is perfect for you!

Let’s do this!

These are powerful sessions specifically tailored to your needs and your pathway to achieve the success you desire.

Book your session using the ‘book now’ button below and we’ll meet at the scheduled time for an incredible session together to transform your life.

It’s time to claim your future!

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Ellie is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Coach, and Master Healer.

She has transformed herself and her entire life; taking herself from an unfulfilled existence of hopelessness, suffering and stagnation, to thriving in a life of joy, fulfillment, abundance and success.

Ellie now helps people around the world to heal, transform, and reclaim their lives, so they can become who they've always wanted to be, achieve the results they want, and create an aligned, fulfilled and abundant soul-led life they absolutely love.

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