4 week intensive program

Weight Loss & Wellbeing

Welcome to the start of a beautiful transformation!

If you’re ready to:

Lose weight and keep it off

Stop self-sabotaging, & finally get the motivation you want

Stop struggling with your weight, and learn a potent and powerful method to keep you on track with your health and wellbeing for the rest of your life

Then this exclusive 4 week INTENSIVE Group Coaching program to change your life & get you the results you want is perfect for you!

This program goes far beyond JUST diet and exercise (those things are part of the puzzle, yes, but they’re NOT everything!)

We’ll go deep into the reasons you struggle with:

 Motivation & staying consistent with your goals

 Losing the weight you want to

 Keeping it off for good

 Self-sabotaging your attempts to lose weight & improve your health

and we’ll heal and transform everything necessary to allow you to achieve your weight loss and wellbeing goals!

Program Details

Begins Monday 2nd August
(Replays available if you can’t attend sessions live or want to rewatch)

4 x Intensive Group Coaching Sessions
(Weekly Sessions)

Transformational workbook & journal to support the powerful work we do together

Access to a private community on facebook with other members for support, accountability and between-session access to Ellie’s support and Coaching

Bonus: Powerful Affirmations for Weight Loss & Wellbeing ebook

Bonus: meditation & activation to support your journey and anchor in the next-level (future) version of you

$997 exclusive special price!
(regular price $4447)

Only 4 places available

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Terms & Conditions

Ellie is a Master Life Coach, Master Mindset Coach, Master Healer, and Spiritual Teacher.

She has transformed herself and her entire life; taking herself from a half-lived life of hopelessness, suffering and stagnation, to thriving in a life of joy, fulfillment, abundance and success.

Ellie now helps people around the world to heal, transform, and reclaim their lives, so they can become the best version of themselves and create a life they absolutely love.

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