Ellie Townsend

Spiritual Teacher, Coach & Healer

Guiding you to a life you love

Do you feel the calling for your life to be different?

 Are you ready to become the best version of yourself,

to heal from past pain, and overcome the obstacles and limitations that have been holding you back,

and move forward in life, feeling happy, confident and empowered?

If you’re ready to…

unleash your potential, and embrace your unique magic,

become the most confident, empowered, and successful version of yourself

and manifest a truly happy, fulfilled, and abundant life

I’m here to give you the support, inspiration, and motivation you need to create a life you absolutely love!

I’m here to help you…

Master your mindset to unlock and maximise your full potential, tap into your unique skills and abilities, and transform negative thinking.

Fully awaken your connection with your soul so you can align into your best self and your highest purpose, and connect with the positive, powerful, abundant energy of the Universe so you can become a magnet for your desires and manifest the life of your dreams.

Radically re-invent, replace, or re-work anything about your life that no longer serves you, and has been a block to you having the success, outcomes, and future that you want.

Achieve happiness, confidence, and fulfillment in mind, body and spirit by healing and releasing anything that’s been keeping you stuck, or causing you pain, suffering, or negativity.

Hi, I’m Ellie.

It’s my passion to help people heal and transform their lives so they can become the best version of themselves and thrive in a life of happiness, abundance, empowerment, and fulfillment.

As a Master Coach, Master Healer and Spiritual Teacher, I serve as a catalyst for positive change in people’s lives, and help them to unlock their potential, own their worth, embrace their magic, and manifest a life they love.

Are you ready?

The work we’ll do together will result in some of the most powerful, transformative, and life-changing experiences you’ll ever have.

If you’re ready to step up and step into the very best version of yourself, commit to becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be, and live the life of your dreams…

…then get ready for the most incredible and beautiful ride of your life!

Here are some of the ways we can work together…

Coaching Packages

Uplevel your life, achieve everything you desire, & create the life you want


Tarot, Oracle & Intuitive Readings for answers, guidance & clarity

Intensive Single Sessions

90 min transformational session to access your full potential & elevate your life

VIP Breakthrough Day

A powerful transformative day to maximise your  potential & supercharge your progress & success

Healing Sessions

Distance Reiki & Energy Healing sessions to heal, balance, & rejuvenate body, mind & spirit

Manifesting Mastery

A three session package to master your manifesting & achieve consistent manifesting success

And there’s also…

Learn With Me

Check out the training, courses and events currently available.

Free Gifts

Free resources to support your Spiritual and personal growth.

Read My Blog

Inspiration, education & motivation to guide you to a life you love.

Ellie is a Master Life Coach, Master Mindset Coach, Master Healer, and Spiritual Teacher.

She has transformed herself and her entire life; taking herself from a half-lived life of hopelessness, suffering and stagnation, to thriving in a life of joy, fulfillment, abundance and success.

Ellie now helps people around the world to heal, transform, and reclaim their lives, so they can become who they've always wanted to be, achieve the results they want, and create a soul-aligned life they absolutely love.

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