A little bit about me…

I’m a Spiritual Teacher, Coach and Healer and it’s my mission to guide people to a life they love.

I love helping people transform their lives from the inside out, become the best version of themselves, heal from past pain and negativity, master their mindset and manifesting, release blocks and overcome obstacles, and create the life of their dreams.

It’s my soul’s purpose to work with people who are ready to reclaim their lives, live their purpose, and fully step into their personal power, and to support them to deepen their Spirituality, truly understand themselves and their unique soul’s journey, and fully awaken their connection with the Universe and their soul, to align with their passion, purpose and desires (and to know they’re worthy and deserving of all of it!)


About my weight loss journey

My weight loss journey played a big part in making me who I am today, and is one of the main reasons that I decided to utilise my skills as a natural healer and helper to guide others to become their best selves and live the life of their dreams.

I spent years just existing in a half-lived life, completely depressed, and feeling hopeless, lost, and stuck.

I was caught in a spiral of self-destruction because of unhealed trauma and baggage from my past, significant physical and mental health issues, and having almost reached 200kg (440lbs) which had significantly reduced my mobility and quality of life, and was making my other issues worse.

I felt trapped by my own mind and my own body, and it was only my spirit that still had some fight left in it.

I wanted desperately to make change, and to feel that I was truly living rather than just existing.

But I was stuck in darkness and struggling to see a light anywhere in sight – and even the deep spiritual connection I’d had my whole life started to feel like it was fading.

Then, in one of my darkest moments; believing that I was defeated in body, mind, and now in spirit, too, I heard the whisper of my intuition telling me to listen. Really listen.

I heard my inner wisdom telling me that I couldn’t give up now; that I had so much more to live for, so much more to do, and so much more to offer.

And that if I was prepared to trust in myself and the Universe, and take action to shed what was holding me back, I would find my way again – and the Universe would provide the tools needed along the way.

So, with the strength I had left, I decided that this would not be how my story would end, and I chose to trust – and to fight back. To fight for ME and my life.

I chose to love myself enough to try one more time.

From there I embarked on a journey of incredible discovery and extreme transformation to become someone who now lives every day feeling happy, healthy, and truly fulfilled in a life of absolute joy, and who is committed to helping others achieve the same for themselves.

It was on this journey that I vowed to take my natural gifts as a healer and helper to the next level, and I committed to always seek to live in alignment with my best self and highest purpose, so that I can assist others on their own journeys towards fulfillment, empowerment and a truly magical life.

More about me

I love nature and animals, I adore being barefoot – especially outside, and I’m a bit of a tarot, crystal and book hoarder (and I’m okay with that!) and I’m seriously passionate about living a fulfilled high-vibe life, aligned with my soul’s purpose – and helping others to do the same.

I’m originally from England, but I now live with my wonderful husband on a farm (our sanctuary) in rural Australia, and in my spare time you’ll usually find me in nature with my human and animal family, engaging in practices to deepen my Spirituality, training Jiu-Jitsu, studying, or creating something that makes my soul happy.

I’m a naturally-gifted healer, empath, intuitive and mystic, and have always walked a Spiritual path. I’m a Witch and Pagan High Priestess, so I regularly hold gatherings, lead rituals, officiate ceremonies, and teach students Witchcraft, Paganism and other aspects of Spirituality – all of which I absolutely love doing.

I’m a singer and songwriter (I play piano and guitar well, and a few other instruments not quite as well), I love metal and punk music, and my heart is made extra happy every time I listen to Tool, who are my absolute favourite!

I also have a slight obsession with Hello Kitty, gothic furniture and homewares, and anything that glitters…



Bachelor Social Science

Master Life Coach

Master Mindset Coach

Spiritual Life Coach

Law of Attraction Coach

CBT Cognitive Behavioural Coach

Life Purpose Coach

Confidence Coach

Emotional Intelligence Coach

Transformation Life Coach

Health & Wellness Coach

Happiness Coach

REBT Mindset Coach

Professional Life Coach

Executive Coach

Goal Success Coach

Reiki Master/Teacher

Crystal Healer

Some of my beliefs

We are worthy and deserve to thrive

I believe that we should all be encouraged and supported to thrive, not just survive – because there is a difference between truly living and just existing. I also believe that we are far more worthy than many of us believe we are, and that we deserve to be supported to recognise, believe in and own our true worth. and to live our best, most fulfilled lives. 

We must spend time nourishing our body, mind and soul

I believe that we are all Spiritual beings having a human experience, that our bodies are the vessel and vehicle which holds our soul, and that our thoughts alone can create incredible beneficial change in our lives. I believe that we should always strive to achieve Spiritual and personal growth, trust the Universe, and commit to any healing that is required while on this journey. We should always seek to nourish, nurture and cherish our bodies, minds, and souls, so that we are living in a way that’s most aligned with our best and highest selves.

It all comes back to compassion and love.

Though I’ve always been Spiritual, compassionate and highly empathic, when I turned 30, all of these things went to the next level. It’s like I fully awakened and my eyes truly opened up to the reality that had always been all around me, but I was finally seeing it. I realised that everything really does come down to acting with love and compassion. But here’s a spoiler alert…that includes love and compassion for yourself. It still took me a few years of logically understanding this before I was able to truly integrate it into myself, but I can tell you that it’s life changing and miraculous when that happens. Give love, be love.

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