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Coaching & Mentoring

You’re ready for more…

it’s time to create an aligned, fulfilled, abundant life you love…
on your terms.

Imagine if you could…

Release everything that’s been holding you back, and start a new chapter of your life feeling truly happy, healed and aligned with your dreams.

Transform low self-worth, self-doubt, negative thinking, and self-sabotage into confidence, optimism, empowerment, motivation and success.

And replace feeling stuck, lost, overwhelmed, unfulfilled and unhappy, with clarity, peace, direction, fulfillment and purpose.

Here’s the good news…

 You can start this new chapter of your life right now.

This is YOUR time to thrive and live your best life.

It’s time to clear the blocks that have been keeping you stuck,

to heal and release past pain,

to awaken your soul and activate your full potential,

and to live your life on YOUR terms… 

Confident, Aligned and Unstoppable.

It’s time to transform your life, achieve the results you want, and live your dreams.

 And I’m here to show you exactly how to do it, and to guide you as you unlock and access your full potential – so that you can live a life of happiness, abundance, and fulfillment, aligned with your deepest desires and your soul’s purpose.

I’ll guide and support you every step of the way, as we:

Uplevel your life,
Achieve the change and results you want,
And create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

My 1:1 Coaching is perfect for you if…

You’re ready to create a life you love on your terms, and live a soul-aligned, meaningful, fulfilling and abundant life of joy and purpose.

You know it’s time to clear away the limitations and blocks that have been keeping you stuck and holding you back from the happiness, positive change and results you want.

You’re ready to heal from past pain, take back your power, move forward with absolute clarity, and reclaim your life.

You want to live your best life, and are committed to giving it to yourself.

And I will guide you every step of the way!

Heal. Overcome. Align. Rise.

This is your time to thrive.

Let’s work together to create a life you love…
on your terms.


the transformation and results you want are possible, ready, and waiting for you.

Despite what you’ve been taught to believe – the truth is that you CAN have the life you’ve always wanted – and it’s easier to achieve than you might think.

And I know it can be hard to believe that sometimes, especially if you’ve tried things before that haven’t produced the results or worked the way you wanted them to.

But the journey we’ll take together is not like anything you’ve ever experienced before.

And the improvements you want to see in your life will start showing up quickly when you commit to this powerful, life-changing journey.

How do I know?

Because I’m living proof of the power, speed, and effectiveness of my own transformational work.

(and so are hundreds of others that I’ve now supported through their own journeys.)

If you asked the younger, severely depressed, self-destructive, insecure, unwell, unhealthy, lost, people-pleasing, abused, suffering and struggling version of me if she’d believe that she could ever transform her life and live her bliss, she’d say a big “NO” (and she’d probably add something about not knowing what a dream life could even look like…)


BUT, she’d also be intrigued by the little spark of hope she felt, and the thought of ‘what if it was possible for me?’ Because deep down she knew life was meant to be more than feeling like she was just existing rather than truly living.

A little spark of hope, and the decision to commit to giving myself a better life was all I needed to now be living my bliss.

And the life of your dreams is absolutely available to you too!

your dream life awaits

You CAN have the life, fulfillment, confidence, peace, love, relationships, abundance, happiness, wellness and everything else you‘ve ever wanted.

Spoiler alert: The Universe wants you to have it too!

And I can show you the easiest, most aligned and enjoyable journey there!

 So, if you’re ready to commit to yourself, your future, and your happiness…

Then let’s do this!

Let’s work together to re-write the next chapters of your life.

And let’s make them the best chapters of your life.

Coaching is a powerful, personal, and positive experience which will transform, elevate and enhance your entire life.

 About Coaching with me

Our journey together will be tailored uniquely to you, and your needs, goals, and desires – and will include, but isn’t limited to:

• Everything you need to create a life you love, on your terms

• Empowerment to support you to achieve your goals and desires, master your mindset and manifesting, and create the positive changes you want to see

• Deep healing, clearing of stagnant and unwanted energy and blocks, and balancing for your emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies

• Awakening and strengthening your intuition and Spiritual gifts, and your ability to overcome obstacles, and live a heart-centred, confident, abundant, and fulfilled life

• Clear direction, and measurable progress and success

• Clarity and a deeper understanding of who you are, why you’re here, and how to fully align with your purpose and joy

and so much more…

A few of the areas we will explore together…

Spirituality, alignment, and living a soul-led life

Healing, and releasing blocks

Manifesting mastery and intention setting

Self-Love, self-worth, and personal power

Abundance and prosperity

Developing your Spiritual abilities

Mindset, confidence and empowerment

Magick, ritual and aligned Spiritual practices

Raising your vibration and living in alignment

Goals, success, and your full potential

Signs & guidance from the Universe

Happiness, purpose and fulfillment

and so much more…

I’m here for you

To support and empower you to reconnect with your soul

To help you remember the magic of who you are, and

To guide you to reclaim your life, your worth, and your confidence

So that you can heal, overcome, align and rise

and create an aligned, fulfilled, abundant life you absolutely love…on your terms.

Unleash your potential.
Embrace your magic.
Manifest a life you love.

our coaching journey together will be everything you need to create the positive change you want in your life

Because this is your time to thrive,

and live your best life…on your terms. 



I don’t know where to begin to explain just how much my life has transformed since working with Ellie.

I have experienced significant emotional, psychological, spiritual and physical healing which has led to immense growth in all areas of my life.

With Ellie’s guidance and support I have healed so many areas of my life that I once was completely unaware of, and how these areas of my life were holding me back from living a more fulfilled life that I love, designed and intentionally created by me, for me.

Any time I have an opportunity to express my gratitude for Ellie’s guidance I find myself bursting to share just how imperative her role as my coach and confidant has been.

Ellie helped me to see that I can manifest anything I desire, helped me to uncover the unconscious ways that were holding me back from reaching goals, and lead with love and joy…knowing that I have everything within me to overcome any difficulty.

Ellie helped me to understand myself on a deeper level than I ever knew possible. I learnt how to move from survival mode into thriving. I learnt how to find true blissful joy and gratitude in all parts of life, and to my surprise as my inner world changed and blossomed so did my outer world.

I began to attract opportunities effortlessly and the people around me brought more goodness to my life than ever before. I made meaningful and fulfilling connections with others, and even within my own relationship the dynamics shifted into an even more harmonious energy because I was learning how to express myself fully and without shame or fear of judgement.

Ellie helped me to see how my learned behaviours could change in a way that created a more congruent and meaningful way of being and living.

I take so much pride in how much I have grown since working with Ellie and the vulnerability that it took to get to where I am today I don’t feel would have been possible had it not been for Ellie.

There is no part of me that doesn’t feel safe with Ellie, the gift she has given me as a coach is something I will be eternally grateful for. Every success I have had is a testament to Ellie’s profound skills as a coach and her ability to divinely connect to me as an individual and support me on my unique journey.

So, to anyone searching for true growth, uplifting healing and elevation in their life that is ready to do the work, all I can tell you is Ellie is there to lovingly guide you on whatever beautiful journey awaits you.


Ellie came into my life just when I needed her. I was in such a mess and I was definitely needing the guidance and self-belief to harness my own magick I knew I had within me but lacked in confidence to use it.

With Ellie’s guidance and her belief in ME, I started to create the life I wanted to have. Within the last few years I have been able to secure the job that gives me 5 days a week and a regular income, I have also been able to purchase my own home and I am now trying to manifest my ideal love partner into my life.

I have learnt to trust the universe and its timing and also that I am so much more powerful in my abilities to create the life I want to live thanks to the Ellie’s guidance.

I am truly grateful that she came into my life when she did.


I will forever be grateful to Ellie. The biggest gift she gave me was to trust and believe in myself.

It has created a strength in me that was never there before.

Through our 1:1 sessions I discovered and learnt so much about myself, and why my life was the way it was, why I had made the decisions I had made.

She is deeply intuitive in the way she connected with me, and made me feel heard and seen.

She helped me in so many aspects of my life.

Ellie awoke something in me, that even after our sessions had finished, her magic continued to ignite in me…that I could have the courage to be unapologetically me, that how I think and feel actually matters, that I’m allowed to be who I am, and most important of all, to stand in my own power.

I found my value and self-worth, and was able to leave a demoralising job to live my own life, on my own terms…to find the inner wisdom in myself to know that no matter what happens or what path life might take me on, I will be ok…

She has been a truly inspirational coach and role model for me, so that I could go after the life I want and to not be afraid.

Thank you Ellie for the beautiful person you are, for the time and care you have always given me, and for showing me to transform my own life.


I have had the absolute pleasure knowing Ellie Townsend for a number of years now and having 1:1 coaching with Ellie for a period of time.

She has helped me immensely work through some personal issues with insightful clarity, compassionate ‘nudging’ and extreme professionalism.

She has helped me to face my shadows head on and I would highly recommend her for coaching. She is the best!


Ellie is one genuine, empathetic and compassionate soul who is non-judgemental and is always there when you need a listening ear or advice.

Over the last few years I’ve grown as a person thanks to Ellie’s support and guidance and I’ve always felt valued and appreciated.

Ellie’s 1:1 sessions are well worth it, actually they are priceless!!

Highly recommend Ellie if you need guidance. Thank you so much Ellie for being YOU.


And now let’s create incredible results in your life too…

Coaching Package Details

Packages include:

+ Sessions with Ellie via voice or video call

+ Message access to Ellie between sessions

+ Coaching & support between sessions

+ Growth-work (homework) & activities to help you fully integrate the powerful work we do

+ Worksheets and other resources as required to best support your goals

and more (see package bonuses below)

Coaching Packages


Go all in with UNLIMITED VIP access to Ellie’s coaching, guidance, support, offers and courses, and to feel like you have ‘Ellie in your pocket’ 24/7 to support your growth, results and transformation.

or contact me to create a custom coaching package to suit your individual needs

Ellie is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Coach, and Master Healer.

She has transformed herself and her entire life; taking herself from an unfulfilled existence of hopelessness, suffering and stagnation, to thriving in a life of joy, fulfillment, abundance and success.

Ellie now helps people around the world to heal, transform, and reclaim their lives, so they can become who they've always wanted to be, achieve the results they want, and create an aligned, fulfilled and abundant soul-led life they absolutely love.

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