Tarot, Oracle & Intuitive


Guidance, answers and clarity to discover exactly what you need to know.

Readings help you explore and gain deep insight into any area of life you want to know more about.

They help you better understand yourself, your relationships, your current circumstances, where your current path is leading, your future, and the potential paths opening up for you.

They also provide clarity and guidance to advise you of the best ways to move forward to achieve the future you desire – and so much more.

How my readings work

When we connect on our call, I immediately begin connecting with your energy and utilise various Spiritual tools alongside my own natural abilities to give you the best and most comprehensive reading, aligned with your present needs and your highest purpose.

Over the years, my Readings have developed in such a way that they utilise the full range of guidance and wisdom from my natural abilities, as well as from powerful and sacred tools such as Tarot, Oracle, and Runes, to give you exactly what you’re needing to gain from the experience.

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Urgent Same Day Readings

Some urgent & priority readings are available at $100 for 20 minutes.

Use the ‘write to me’ contact form at the bottom of this page to request an urgent reading, and you’ll receive a response as soon as possible.

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