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Soul Journey Academy

Everything you need to uplevel and transform your life,
master your manifesting and mindset,
and align into a fulfilled, empowered, and abundant life.

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Are you ready to:

Become the very best version of yourself
happy, empowered, confident and thriving

Connect with the positive, powerful, and abundant energy of the Universe
and easily tap into it at all times to deliberately create your reality and ideal future

Manifest with ease
attracting the joy, wealth, love, relationships, confidence, wellness, and other experiences you want

Live your dream life
fully aligned with your desires and purpose

Deepen your Spirituality
fully awaken your connection with the Universe and your soul, live consciously, and align into an abundant, fulfilling life

Feel high vibe, joyful, and optimistic
master your mindset, and free yourself from past pain, negativity, blocks and limitations

Love yourself and your life, and truly live
rather than feeling like you’re stuck, just existing, or powerless to people and circumstances

Understand your soul’s journey and your purpose
to fully understand why you’re here, why your life has played out the way it has so far, and to truly recognise that you’re part of something bigger.

If you’re ready to uplevel your life, transcend limitations, and manifest a life you love – you’re absolutely in the right place.

Soul Journey Academy is like all the best parts of personal development, Spiritual growth, and self-help programs combined.

Inspiration, education, motivation and transformation so you can live a life you love.

We dive deep on a 6 month journey together, to radically re-invent, release, replace, and re-work anything and everything necessary to align you into your happiest, joyful, most abundant life.

The Academy is a powerful, positive and life-changing online program, with support and guidance from Ellie every step of the way.

The Academy covers a wide range of topics, lessons and activities, across 5 key areas, to enhance all aspects of your life.

These include (but are not limited to) the following:


♦ Laws of the Universe
♦ Soul Contracts
♦ Signs & Synchronicities
♦ Discovering your Purpose & Passion
♦ Connecting with the Universe & your Higher Self
♦ Time with your Soul
♦ Soul Mates & Other Sacred Connections
♦ Awakening your Authentic Self


♦ Taking Back your Power
♦ Releasing Shame, Insecurity & People Pleasing
♦ Boosting Self-Worth
♦ Turning Pain into Power
♦ Loving Yourself Properly
♦ Deep Healing for Self-Love
♦ Emotions, Energy & the Body
♦ Owning your Worth
♦ Becoming Unashamedly You


♦ Every day magic
♦ Rituals to Improve Your Life
♦ Working with Moon Phases
♦ Crystal Healing
♦ Cosmic Energies
♦ Sigil Magick
♦ Divination for Divine Guidance
♦ Spiritual Tools for Healing & Growth
♦ Energy Work
♦ Chakra Healing
♦ Cord Cutting


♦ Mindset Mastery
♦ Transforming your Life
♦ Releasing Limiting Beliefs
♦ Your Thoughts & Frequency
♦ Becoming Unstuck
♦ Habits: Release Old & Create New
♦ Smashing your Goals
♦ Becoming Unstoppable
♦ Becoming Impervious to Criticism & Judgments


♦ Manifesting Basics
♦ The Law of Attraction
♦ Deliberate Creation
♦ Manifesting Easily & Effectively
♦ Manifesting Hacks
♦ Manifesting your Best Life
♦ Creating Abundance
♦ Combating Common Manifesting Mistakes
♦ Your Unique Manifesting Method

You will also become a member of an exclusive online Academy community to connect with other members, share your experience, and be coached and supported by Ellie throughout the entire 6 month journey.

Program Details


– Starts January 21st 2021
Monthly program schedule released prior to each new month

– 3 live online sessions per month
2x classes + 1x group coaching/support/Q+A session each month

– Worksheets, workbooks & other resources
to complement each month’s learning, and support your alignment, manifesting, growth and development

– Unlimited access to Ellie’s coaching and support
For the duration of the program via the exclusive Soul Journey Academy group

– Bonus sessions
Hosted by Ellie – such as group healing, ritual, meditations or other training and sessions if/as necessary

– Exclusive membership in the Soul Journey Academy community
Private group hosted via facebook groups

– Session replays
Everything will be recorded, with replays available to Academy members if you can’t join live or want to re-watch the sessions

– Optional Extras for your enrollment package
The opportunity to add the following private 1:1 sessions with Ellie:

Coaching/Mentorship Sessions

Work together on your goals, mindset, manifesting, transformation, and anything else needed to support your healing, empower your journey, and uplevel your life

Alignment Activation Sessions

Identify your unique gifts, abilities and purpose, and any blocks or areas of misalignment, and learn the best Spiritual practices and inspired actions to activate your alignment into your dream future.

Clarity Creation Sessions

Get crystal clear on your dreams, goals and desires (especially if you’ve felt lost in life) and map out a plan to relearn and reawaken who you truly are, and the path to who you want to become.

Healing & Integration Sessions

A deep, sacred, powerful energy healing session to help clear and release blocks, old wounds causing misalignment. and anything which no longer serves you or your highest purpose.

Other Information

– Soul Journey Academy is based entirely online

– Members are welcome from anywhere in the world

– A facebook account is required if you want to have access to all course content

– Ellie is located in Australia, so times will be in Australian Eastern (Melbourne) time.
Please ensure you do any necessary time conversions for your local time zone

Academy places are limited and this is the only enrollment intake planned for the year.

So if you’d like to join us, please act quickly.

Enrollment Packages

Soul Journey Academy is intended to be accessible to anyone ready to fully embrace the program and live their best life, so we’re pleased to offer multiple package and payment options below.

If you need to discuss other payment options or plans, or are experiencing financial difficulties, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to contact Ellie to discuss further.

Prices are in Australian Dollars

Ready to transform your life? Let’s do this!



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Welcome to the start of a beautiful & powerful journey of transformation, to align you into a life you absolutely love!

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