It’s time for the change you’ve been wanting.

Because you’re ready for more…and the Universe has heard you.

Even if you’re not quite sure what ‘more’ looks like right now, or how to get there from where you are.

You know there’s something inside you that wants more, and knows you shouldn’t have to settle for less.

You’re ready for a life that fulfills you, on all levels.

So let’s make that life a reality.

You’re ready for change because you’re tried of:

Feeling stuck, overwhelmed, lost, and uncertain about how to create a better life.

Having blocks, struggles, setbacks, delays, and negative experiences get in your way.

Having failed attempts at manifesting the results you want, and wasting your time and energy on things that aren’t working.

Feeling unhappy with yourself and your life, and being held back by pain and problems from the past, self-sabotage, low self-worth, self-doubt, low motivation, and lack of confidence.

It’s time to manifest your dream life.
Starting right now.

Imagine, a few months from now, you wake up and you’re in your dream life. Excited, fulfilled, happy…and so grateful that you made the choice to say YES to your dreams.

It’s time to say yes.

Because you know you’re so ready to:

• See positive change, and manifest the results you want – in every area of life

• Clear blocks, shift your energy, raise your vibration, and become a match to your desires

• Overcome everything keeping you stuck and holding you back

• Thrive in a fulfilled, soul aligned, abundant life

• Have clarity, direction and soul-led strategy for manifesting your dreams

• Heal, protect your energy, and reclaim your power

• Deepen your connection with the Universe (and your Guides) and amplify your Spiritual gifts

• Hold a compelling vision for your future and feel inspired, motivated and excited to wake up every day

• Feel happy, confident, empowered and connected to your purpose

You also know that you don’t want to look back at your life in a few months from now, and realise that barely anything has changed, and you’re no closer to your goals and dreams.

Because, let’s be honest… YOU ARE SO DAMN READY to live your dream life

So I’m going to show you exactly what to do

Because your dream life won’t just happen without your intentional involvement.

But it will start to happen just like magic…
if you let it.

Let me introduce you to your ultimate resource for dream life creation…


Dream Life Academy provides everything you need to manifest your dream life.

You’ll be guided through exactly what you need to know, and exactly what you need to do to make your dream life real.

Wherever you are on your journey, the Academy meets you where you’re at, and offers everything you need to start creating your best life…now.

creating your dream life
with the Academy means…

How the academy supports
your dream life Creation

 This is where you’ll get the transformation you’ve been wanting for so long.

The Academy is unique in its approach, and is not just another Spiritual, manifesting, personal development, or mindset program. 

While those things are incorporated, the Academy program has been developed to go much deeper than that, allowing you to truly create the change you want – and make it last.

The academy program

Within the Academy, you’ll be guided through and shown how to implement the four essential components your dream life must be built on:


Heal past pain, wounds, negativity and unresolved issues that hold you back, cost your peace, and drain your energy.

Clear blocks, protect your energy, and resolve and release negative emotions, patterns, baggage, and experiences blocking your growth, self-worth, happiness, and manifesting.


Develop unwavering self-belief, confidence, worthiness, and a positive and empowering self-concept.

Fully own your power, embrace your magic, and know your worth so you can embody the highest version of yourself, live your bliss, and manifest powerfully from that energy.


Live your life in total alignment with your soul, purpose, and a deep connection with The Universe.

Raise your vibration, access Divine Guidance, strengthen your intuition, awaken and enhance your Spiritual abilities, and live as your highest, most authentic self with fulfillment, purpose and joy.


Learn true conscious creation and master your manifesting for easy, fast and effective co-creation with the Universe.

Fully embrace your power as a deliberate and intentional manifestor, and learn to weave your magic, so that you can consciously create your reality, receive your desires, and make your dream life real.

You’ll also be fully supported and guided through everything you need to know – and how to implement it – so you can manifest your dream life quickly and effectively, including:

• Designing your dream life (even if you don’t know what it looks like yet)

• All steps of manifesting your dream life

• Practical methods, tools, techniques, magickal practices and rituals

• Energetics, vibe boosters, and frequency shifts

• Higher Consciousness and Higher Self connection

• Block and limiting-belief clearing

• Soul-led strategies and solutions, aligned action, and embodiment practices

and so much more…

All designed specifically to be easy to understand and implement – while also being guided through each step – so you’re fully supported to heal, align, and manifest your dream life.

How the academy works

The Academy is a powerful and transformative online monthly membership where you’ll learn and be fully supported to manifest your dream life

Each month you’ll have access to new powerful resources specifically designed to support you to create your dream life and manifest your desires – incorporating everything you need to know and everything you need to do, from both Spiritual and practical approaches, to provide clarity and guidance through each step of your journey.

Live Group Coaching, Support, Mentoring, Guidance, Q&A and Psychic Reading sessions on Zoom for you to:

• Access direct advice, mentoring, energy healing, and next steps for your specific situation

• Receive powerful block clearings, clarity, and soul-led strategy

• Raise your vibration and shift your energy into full soul-alignment

• Access Divine Guidance and channeled information

• Connect with other members of the Academy

 Live (+replays) Lessons and Masterclasses on Facebook, and Practical/Workshop sessions on Zoom for you to:

• Learn everything you need to know about creating your dream life

• Be mentored and supported to integrate and apply the learnings and practices into your life, in ways that are best suited specifically for your needs and requirements

• Have clear guidance, direction and steps to take away and implement to manifest your dreams

• Learn the potent blend of Spirituality, Manifesting, Magick, and Self-Love to supercharge your dream life creation

Meditations, Activations, Workbooks, Guides & Other Bonus resources to support, guide, inspire and empower your dream life creation:

Monthly resources will vary.

Some things you can expect are:

• Meditations & Drum Journeys
• Psychic & Tarot Readings
• Affirmations & Mantras
• Activations & Energy Upgrades
• Distance Energy Healing
• Workbooks & Worksheets
• Spells & Rituals
• Journal prompts & Guides
• Sigils
Downloadable bonuses

and so much more.

You’ll also receive

• Dream Life ‘roadmaps’, Spiritual practices, and practical steps and processes to support and enhance your dream life creation

• Powerful tools to support you on each step of your journey

• Access to an exclusive private online facebook group & soul-family community
(Note: a facebook account is required to access some Academy content)

Plus other bonuses and more…

All intentionally created to help you manifest your dreams, and live a fulfilled, abundant, aligned life you love…on YOUR terms.

Dream Life Academy is designed to fit in with you and your life, so all resources can be accessed, utilised, and self-paced in whichever way and time commitment is best for you.

The most important thing is that you show up in whatever capacity you can, so you actively play your part in this co-creation with the Universe…because you and your dream life are worth it.

how do I know this actually works?


 Hi, I’m Ellie.

It was only a few years ago that I was at my total rock bottom…

I’d spent years suffering, depressed, defeated, miserable and just barely existing in a half-lived life, feeling hopeless, lost and stuck.

In my darkest moment, about to end it all, I heard the whisper of my soul telling me not to give up.

I was so tired and so sick of suffering, but I made the choice to live…and I committed to finding a way to improve my situation.

At that stage, I had NO idea or belief that any sort of dream life could be available to me, I just knew I wanted to feel better and have a better experience of life…even if just slightly.

But as I walked the path of healing, owning my power, aligning, and learning to powerfully manifest, everything in my life kept getting better and better and better.

I started to receive powerful shifts, guidance, wisdom and energetic upgrades from the Universe helping me to understand the exact pathway for dream life creation.

And before long, I was living an incredible, positive, fulfilled, happy, abundant life. I was living my dream life.

(And since then I’ve had the privilege of guiding many others to create their dream life too).

My dream life had always been ready and waiting for me.

All I had to do was say YES to aligning into it, and play my part in co-creation with the Universe.

And here’s what you NEED to know right now:

Wherever you currently are on your life’s journey…your dream life is ready and waiting for you, too.

And I’m here to guide you along the exact pathway there.

All you have to do is say YES


Join now for access to the Academy facebook group and Resource Library so you can start making progress on your journey straight away.

The Academy officially starts its first live session on June 10th.

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Terms & Conditions

You’re not here for settling, struggling, stuckness or suffering.

You’re here to live a life you love…
on YOUR terms.

FAQ’s about Dream Life Academy

How often are the live sessions & how do they run?

Live sessions run online through a mixture of facebook live and Zoom video calls, which are typically between 30 – 60 minutes long, and are held at varied times to best accommodate multiple time zones because of our worldwide membership.

As a Dream Life Academy Member you will be given exclusive access to these members-only sessions, and informed of the session times in advance.

Attendance at live events is encouraged, but optional, because all lessons and many of the Zoom calls do have replay options.

Dream Life Academy is designed to fit in with you, and to be self-paced and utilised in whichever way is best for you.

Dream Life Academy includes at least 3 live sessions per month (as well as other content and an ever-growing resource library), and is also designed to be open to change and flow with the sessions, format and schedule, depending on what Ellie feels guided to do when considering the group’s needs, preferences, and other factors.

Will replays be available if I can't attend live?

Yes, replays are available for all lessons (available on facebook as soon as the live lesson has finished) and all relevant Zoom sessions (available on YouTube, only to Academy members, within a few days of the session) if you can’t attend live.

How do the payments work?

When you register to become a member, you are signing up for an automatic monthly payment subscription via Paypal where you can use either a PayPal account or your Credit Card via the PayPal platform.

(If you need to discuss other payment options, write to us using the contact form below)

Your first payment signs you up and gives you access to the Academy Library Content and each subsequent monthly payment maintains your status as a member of the Academy.

If you miss or cancel a payment, your Membership will end immediately and you’ll lose access to the Membership content.

If the missed payment was just an accident, you can simply join again below to become a Member.

Can I access the resource library any time?

Yes. After subscribing to the Dream Life Academy membership, you’ll receive a welcome email shortly afterwards with login details for the Resource Library to access a range of incredible content which is constantly growing and expanding.

Is there a group or community as part of the Academy?

Yes. Upon joining, you will be given access to the Dream Life Academy’s exclusive facebook group, where you’ll become part of the Academy community.

And, there is also an optional Facebook Messenger chat group you can be part of if you choose.

Do I get direct support from Ellie with this membership?

Dream Life Academy gives you direct 1:1 access to Ellie’s support during some of the live sessions which have been specifically designed for that purpose.

If you want private individual 1:1 support from Ellie as part of the Academy, you can upgrade to the Academy VIP option.

Alternatively you can book a single session with her here or apply for a coaching package here.

Is Dream Life Academy all online?

Yes, the Academy is an online program. There may be in-person opportunities at later dates, but at the present time everything is run online.

Is there an attendance requirement or can it be self-paced?

Dream Life Academy is designed to fit in with YOU, and can be entirely self-paced and utilised in whichever way is best for you.

There is no expectation or obligation to attend any of the live sessions, and you have 24/7 access to the facebook group, replays, and all other Resource Library content so you can access and utilise it when it best suits you.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

We think you’ll love being in Dream Life Academy and won’t want to cancel your membership, but yes, you can cancel at any time by cancelling your subscription payments via PayPal or cancelling your payments from whichever other payment method you used.

If you cancel your payments, your Membership will end immediately and you’ll lose access to the Membership content. 

You can also contact us using the form at the bottom of this page if you need assistance with payment cancellation.


Terms & Conditions

Ellie is a Spiritual Teacher, Master Coach, and Master Healer.

She has transformed herself and her entire life; taking herself from an unfulfilled existence of hopelessness, suffering and stagnation, to thriving in a life of joy, fulfillment, abundance and success.

Ellie now helps people around the world to heal, transform, and reclaim their lives, so they can become who they've always wanted to be, achieve the results they want, and create an aligned, fulfilled and abundant soul-led life they absolutely love.

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