a sacred online space for deepening your journey
into Witchcraft, Magick & Paganism

We know you can feel the calling of your soul.

Telling you that it’s time to:

Awaken the Witch within at a deeper level

Activate your magick in whole new ways

Connect with the Universe, Nature, the Old Ways, and the mystical side of life in the most powerful way

Walk a truly magickal and soul-aligned path

Embrace your wild, untamed, inherent magickal nature,

And step into your power, free your Spirit, and awaken your Soul like never before.

Your soul has guided you here

Because you know there’s more to this human experience than we’ve been taught.

You know – and can feel at a soul level – that there’s far more beyond the mundane and 5-sensory experience people try to convince us is all that there is.

You know magick is real.

You can feel it.

And you’re ready to call that magick forth.

To allow it to rise up within you, and let it help you create a life of joy, happiness, abundance and everything else you desire.

You can feel that you’re ready…

Ready to enhance and enchant your life, embrace the mystical, and step into your most magickal self.

Ready to learn about, and connect into, Witchcraft, Magick and Paganism at a deeper and more soul-activating level than ever before.

Ready to discover and develop your natural gifts and abilities, perform powerful spells and rituals, and turn your magick all the way on.

And ready to become the Witch you were born to be.

The Coven is a monthly subscription group, supporting you to deepen your journey into witchcraft, magick and paganism.

The Coven is about so much more than just a group.

And it’s so much more than simply learning textbook information and theory.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know…and at a deeper level than you’ve previously experienced.

And it’s still so much more than all of that…

This is also about:

• Showing you how to fully embrace, empower, and embody the Witch within, and to discover and align into your true power and potential.

• Learning not just practical magick, but also being guided to connect into your own natural, inherent, wild inner magick.

• Connecting deeply with your soul, your inner wisdom, and the magick all around you, so you can turn your own unique magick all the way on, and follow the path of your soul’s true calling.

This is about learning everything you need to know to confidently and actively live a magickal life everyday, in all areas and at all times, in a way that feels natural, easy, true and aligned for you.

the coven is about full immersion into life as a witch.

A total transformation into the Witch that you really are.

A full embodiment.

And at a deeper level than ever before.

And that’s why we’re here

to welcome you into this incredible opportunity for a magickal journey together.

Because we are here to guide you, and to support your full emergence and your RISE.

We’ll guide you to exactly where you’re meant to be

Through this monthly subscription group, you’ll learn all of the essential and expert knowledge and wisdom necessary to progress and proceed on your path, confidently and empowered, and fully tapped into the magickal world.

And you’ll also learn how to fully activate and embrace your magick, to work with energy to improve your life and achieve the results you want, and to create your best, enchanted, and most magickal life.

And you’ll be taught by Laura Daligan and Ellie Townsend, both Witches and Pagans, who have over 55 years of knowledge and experience between them.

You’ll learn everything you need to know to walk the Witch’s path confidently and powerfully.

Together we’ll journey through everything you need to know about Witchcraft, Magick and Paganism.

You’ll learn how to cast spells that really work, conduct powerful rituals, empower yourself, improve your life – and so much more.

And you will learn and benefit far more than we can possibly list here…

But as a brief overview, The Coven will include (but isn’t limited to) some of the below topics.

Some of the many topics we cover are:

• What Witchcraft, Paganism and Magick really are

• Connecting into Divine energy to benefit your life, growth, healing, and magick

• Casting circles, creating altars and sacred spaces, and successfully performing spells and rituals

• Magickal tools to use and how to use them

• Writing your own spells and rituals, and utilising magick to improve your life

• Connecting and working with Deities

• Clearing the confusion around ethics and rules on the Witch’s path

• Divination and accessing Divine Guidance

• Developing your intuition and your psychic abilities

• Connecting with herbs, crystals and the natural world to support your spellwork and manifesting

• Lunar, Solar and planetary energies, the Wheel of the Year, and other sacred energies to connect you more deeply into your path, and amplify your magick

• The Wheel of the Year, and other sacred events and days

… And so much more as our journey together progresses.

The Coven is perfect for you,
wherever you are on your journey

Whether you’re new or experienced in the world of Witchcraft, Magick and Paganism, being part of The Coven will benefit you – whatever stage you’re at on your journey.

Your journey is uniquely yours, and we will be your High Priestesses, your guides, your mentors, and your sisters as we guide you into the next stages and deeper realms of your Spiritual path…

Whatever that looks like for you and your unique soul’s journey in this lifetime.

Witch, it’s your time to rise.

And we’re here to guide you through it all.

What’s included in The Coven?

• 1 x Lesson/Training Session per month
(via fb live video with replays available)

• 1 x ‘Around the Cauldron’ Monthly Call
for connecting with the Coven community, Q&A, magickal conversation, and more
(via Zoom with replays available)

• Exclusive access to guidance, mentoring & coaching by Laura and Ellie

• Private Exclusive Coven facebook community
hosted by Laura and Ellie

• Guided Meditations and Drum Journeys

• Monthly Collective Tarot Reading

• Ever-growing Resource and Content Library

• Regular content posted inside the group to keep you empowered, inspired, motivated, and making magick on your journey

…and other bonuses yet to be revealed.

How does it work?

The Coven is a monthly subscription group which you can join at any time, and upon completing the registration and payment process you will become part of The Coven.

You can stay for as long as you want, and leave at any time (although we don’t think you’ll want to!) and during your time as a member of The Coven you will have access to all of the content created during your time in the group, and any content recorded prior to your time in the group.

Laura and Ellie host the group, and both are active and present within the group to post, share resources, answer questions and provide coaching, guidance and support to members. While responses to all posts, comments or questions can’t be guaranteed, Laura and Ellie attempt to respond and support within the group as much as possible.

And as an added bonus, you also have the entire Coven community to support you and walk beside you on your journey.

Let’s make magic together.

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About Laura

Laura is a widely-acclaimed and highly-skilled Witch, Pagan, Psychic, Tarot Reader, Artist, Musician and Fire Dancer, currently based in the UK.

Laura is best known for her deep wisdom, magickal knowledge and experience, and her incredible talents, and has been featured in many popular TV shows, magazines and podcasts to share her expertise with the world.

When Laura’s not directly supporting people with her inspiring and empowering teaching, readings, and coaching, you might find her cuddling animals, embracing her big Aries energy and passion, painting incredible magickal pieces (check out her amazing art at www.lauradaligan-art.com) writing enchanting songs, drumming and connecting with the heart of the land, hugging and connecting with trees – or something else equally magickal!

If you’d like to learn more about Laura or how you can work with her directly, you can visit her website here.

About Ellie

Ellie is a highly-gifted Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Master Coach, Witch, Pagan, Psychic, Tarot Reader, and Musician, currently based in Australia.

Ellie is best known for her Spiritual teachings and deep soul wisdom, her empowering and enlightening content, her expertise in all things magick and manifesting, and her ability to help people deepen their Spirituality and connection with their soul to achieve the results they want and create their best lives on their terms.

When Ellie’s not directly supporting people with her inspiring and empowering teaching, coaching, healing and readings, you might find her enjoying life on her farm, playing with animals and connecting with nature, creating and crafting, writing music, training Jiu Jitsu, meditating – or something else equally magickal.

If you’d like to learn more about Ellie or how you can work with her directly, you can find her ‘About Me’ page here, and her list of Services here.

How did Laura and Ellie meet…?

It all started with a mutual love for Tool…

Followed by discovering many other similarities and shared passions…

…and the Universe sparking this soul connection at just the right time in each other’s lives.

And so the magickal journey began.


Now it’s your turn to join us for a magickal ride of your own… 

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