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Crystal Packs

Crystal Packs contain crystals hand-picked for you by Ellie. These packs can be for any purpose or intention, and each crystal will make a beautiful, positive and magical addition to your life.

Each pack will come with a small handwritten note from Ellie listing the crystals chosen for you in your pack. Most packs will consist of tumbled stones, however Ellie may add other types of crystals should she intuitively feel it’s right for you.

Choose your quantity and purpose from the options available, or add your own purpose in the text box provided.

Postage: $9.50 Australia wide and will be added at checkout. Your order will be posted to the address on your PayPal payment unless otherwise advised.

Please note: Orders are currently only being shipped once per week due to current requirements, and please be aware that Aus post delays are occurring at the present time.

International Customers: Unfortunately this offer is currently only available to customers in Australia due to international postage restrictions currently in place by Aus Post.

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