Terms and Conditions

Everything offered by Ellie is intended to provide an uplifting, positive, supportive, helpful and heart-centred experience, and is designed to always focus on your best interests.


Terms and Conditions


Eleanor Townsend (business name Ellie Townsend, and website www.ellietownsend.com), affiliates, and any person/s connected with Eleanor Townsend accept no liability or responsibility for any injuries, damages or losses, or actions made resulting from the use or misuse of products or services purchased, and/or resulting from advice or information given, and/or the application of anything on this site, or any related sites including but not limited to online stores, schedulers, and social media.


Everything offered by Eleanor Townsend (Ellie) is offered for spiritual and personal development purposes – and is not intended to act as a replacement for services provided by qualified health professionals, emergency services, crisis support, or other such professionals.


You are fully responsible for yourself, your actions, maintaining your own health and wellbeing, and for seeking the support of relevant professionals where required.


Results cannot be guaranteed as they depend on your commitment and multiple other variable factors. However,  Ellie will always provide you with the best opportunities she’s able to, for you to achieve the beneficial results you desire.


Props, display items, or accessories used in product images are not included in prices or sales.


All prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are inclusive of GST where applicable, unless otherwise indicated.



Additionally, if you participate in a course, program, group coaching, membership, event, masterclass, training, or other similar offering (henceforth referred to as “program”), you:


a) provide your consent to be included in any and all program content and program session recordings, where details such as your name and any contribution you make to the program may be recorded and will be available as part of the program content including via third-party applications, and program session and replay options available to program facilitators and participants for as long as the content exists.


b) you understand that you are making a commitment and agreement to pay for the full program (excluding the Rebel Soul Dream Life Academy, ELEVATE (formerly Sacred Circle) and The Coven monthly memberships where it is a month-by-month commitment only, which you can cancel yourself at any time via your PayPal account, or by using the contact form below), and that the entirety of program contents (including resources and replays) are only available to those who fulfill their obligation to pay in full by the required dates (whether upfront or by payment plan). If you choose to leave the program early, you are required to ensure all payments up to your exit date have been made and you will be removed from any associated program group or site and no longer have access to the program content.


c) You understand that program content, as per your purchase (including, but not limited to, associated offers, group membership, or bonuses), is available to you from the time of your completed purchase, until either the provision of the program’s primary content has occurred, or for the duration of time specified by the program’s sales and/or information page at the time of your purchase and/or registration or welcome email, as long as the platform by which the content was originally provided remains able to continue the provision of the content. Furthermore you understand that where a program contains a reference to “ongoing access” to any program content, it means that the content will remain available to you for no less than 3 months after purchase (as long as the platform on which the content was originally provided remains able to continue the provision of the content) and although it is likely to extend beyond this, no guarantees of extended access or ‘lifetime’ access are given, unless explicitly stated upon the program’s sales page at the time of purchase.


d) you understand that you are being provided with the program in full as per your purchase and as per your payment/s remaining complete, up-to-date, and in full. Payment issues or delays may result in limited access or removal of access to the program. Furthermore, you understand that your level of participation in a program is determined by you. Additionally, you understand that you are responsible for maintaining the means to access the content on the platform on which it was originally provided.

 Programs are provided at the highest audio and/or visual quality available, but ultra high quality can not be guaranteed due to technological limitations, download speeds, and other variables, including but not limited to the conditions and capacity of the programs and platforms on which the program is created and delivered.

Programs, their terms, and conditions may be subject to change at any time. Written notice will be provided to participants as required, via the program’s primary communication method.

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