Releasing our energetic ties to anything from the past which keeps us stuck, still causes us pain, or no longer serves us, is a vital step in our healing, moving forward, and creating our dream life.

A few nights ago I spent over 2 hours deeply immersed in a healing and releasing ritual, followed by a sacred soul-activation meditation.

Throughout last week, I’d been constantly guided by my Higher Self and the Universe to release an aspect (ie. label, belief, behaviour) of my identity which my ego wasn’t ready to release yet.

It was attached to old trauma, pain and beliefs which had definitely maintained some staying power in my life and my memories.

So, of course, my ego was being all pouty and stubborn, and telling me all the fear-based reasons why it wasn’t a good idea to let go of these things yet.

 (Pro tip: watch out for this trap of the ego! There will be times where we’ll know there’s a certain scary/big action we need to take to get to the next level in our lives, and the ego will agree that it IS the right action to take, but it’ll try to convince us that it’s not the right time ‘YET’ and because it seems so sensible to think that, we often mistake it for intuition (Also: often this ego trap comes with stories of “I don’t have the time/energy/money/some other excuse” – and also is attached to the idea that you’re “not quite ready”. But guess what?!  With big seemingly-scary life-improving changes we almost never feel ready!)

So, when feeling these beautiful sacred nudges from my soul, combined with the forceful and rapid tug back into fear-based thinking from my ego, I knew that this was one of the classic indicators of having the opportunity to release pain and baggage from the past, and to elevate to the next level in all areas of my life.

Now was the time to turn inward and fully connect with my soul, to allow this uplevelling to be activated – and to allow myself to fully receive it.

This meant choosing and allowing myself to release what no longer served me.

I asked myself the same question I ask many of my clients: “what would the next-level version of you choose, think, and act like in this moment?” and I knew that the next-level version of me wouldn’t be someone who clings to the old beliefs, labels and associated behaviours just to stay in a comfort zone and not stretch into the next-level version of herself.

So I witnessed my fear and thanked it for trying to protect me from what it thinks is “big, scary change”, I sank deep into a releasing ritual and visualisation, and then I chose to say YES to myself, my goals, my desires, and aligning into my ideal future – by saying YES to my soul, and I allowed a powerful activation meditation to fully awaken this uplevelled version of myself.


When we say YES to our soul and true desires, its impossible for things to not work out perfectly for us!


(Almost as soon as I made this decision and completed my activation, I had 2 large payments come in, and 3 people write to me about wanting to work with me in private 1:1 Coaching! That’s not “luck” or “coincidence” – that’s what happens when we choose to live a life of purpose, connected into our divine mission on this planet – and it’s what happens when we commit to alignment!)

One of the easiest ways to tune into your soul, and say YES to alignment, YES to your desires, and YES to your dream future is through any form of meditative practice – which can include anything that brings you into the present moment, into deep connection with your true self, and allows you to be in a space of peace and calm (and quietens down your mind chatter)…

For some they utilise the traditional type of meditation, for others it’s counting their breaths, others use colouring books, or movement, or music/sound, or cooking, or journalling…the list goes on!

But do something to connect into, and nourish, your soul!

There are many ways to bring yourself into a relaxed state to connect and be present with yourself for a few minutes – so you can use whichever of these feels best for you at the time.

(Bonus: any time you visualise the future you desire (especially while in a relaxed and peaceful state like this) you supercharge your manifesting too!)

If you’re ready to release anything from the past which no longer serves you, and are ready to step into the next-level version of yourself and uplevel your life: I’m hosting a guided meditation (online) for exactly this purpose in my Sacred Circle Membership – so join now if you want to take part in this upcoming incredible and powerful ceremony!

And, extra bonus, the Sacred Circle Members’ Portal (our resource library) already has a bunch of guided meditation audio and video recordings for you (as well as tons of other resources!) to use as much as you want, whenever you want!

It’s time to release what no longer serves, connect deeply into your soul, and to align into your ideal future!


Because, my love, you CAN have it ALL.


So, tell me…which manifesting method are you going to start utilising today?


With love,