Today I’m here to remind you that your needs, wants and desires matter – and you have absolute permission to go after your dreams!

Of course you don’t need my permission – in fact, you don’t need anyone’s permission!

The fact that it’s your desire IS your permission slip!

You are here to align with your desires – that’s why you have them!

And, in case you forgot, you wouldn’t have a desire if it wasn’t available to you.

That means your dream life IS possible.

That means the happiness, love, money, home, success, job, baby etc that you want IS available to you!

The same place that the thought about your desire comes from, is the same place that your actual desire waits until you bring (manifest) it into your physical reality!

So it’s already there, waiting for you – all you have to do is align with it!

You might be asking where to start with aligning with it?

Your beliefs.

They’re the game changer.

The Universe mirrors your energy back to you… this means that your beliefs are mirrored back…

So if you believe something is available to you – you’re right. If you believe it’s not available to you – you’re right.

Think about some of your beliefs – and start with the area of life you feel you struggle most with.

For many, this is either money or love (or, if you’re like me, it was very much both areas…and others!)

So let’s use money as an example:

Do you believe you “have to work hard to make money”? So, then…you’re right, and money will only come through ways that meet the criteria of what you believe ‘hard work’ is.

And it goes deeper than this. For example, this belief might also play out with things such as the lottery. If you see the lottery as ‘easy money’ and something that doesn’t require any of what you’d consider to be ‘work’, yet you hold the belief that you “have to work hard to make money”….then these things can’t coexist in your reality.

So the great news is that you can change your beliefs. They are not set in stone.

You just have to be prepared to consciously explore your beliefs, and rewrite those that no longer serve you.

(Pro tip: A great way to tell which ones don’t serve you is to tune into them as you think or say them – which ones feel good vs which ones feel bad)

You can book a session with me if you want direct 1:1 help with uncovering, exploring and rewriting your beliefs, or join the Sacred Circle Membership to learn how to do it for yourself.

So, what are some of your beliefs that no longer serve you, and what new beliefs are you going to choose instead?

Write to me and let me know the main belief you’re going to rewrite, to bring you closer to having the life of your dreams!



With Love,