The Universe is speaking to you all the time – offering signs and guidance to help you resolve issues, point you in the right direction, and enhance your life.

This is also the theme of your oracle guidance for this week (card pictured below – from the Moonology deck by Yasmin Boland) which tells you that the answers you need are coming.

So let me show you a simple way to open up to receive and take notice of the divine guidance on its way to you!

1. Take a deep breath and think about the area of your life you’d most like to receive an answer or some guidance about.
2. Visualise beautiful, calming and healing white light streaming down through the centre of your head, all the way through your body, and out your feet.
3. Put your hand on your heart and say (preferably out loud)

“I choose to be open to receiving divine guidance about [area of your life] and anything else the Universe wants me to know for my highest good. I am open to receiving and noticing any signs, messages and intuitive wisdom that will benefit me and my life”

(You can end with ‘thank you’, ‘so mote it be’, ‘and so it is’ or anything else that feels right to you)

And, gratefully acknowledge the signs and intuitive ‘hits’ as you get them throughout the week!


With Love,