This morning I was in the midst of my usual Sacred Morning Practice, and during some reflection and tuning into the collective energy, I was reminded of how much I used to spend most of my weekends dreading Monday and the new week of work awaiting me.

Though I’ve had some great jobs where Monday didn’t feel like a raging hell-beast about to devour me, I’ve also had jobs that were so toxic and misaligned for me that they left me feeling like my soul was literally being sucked out.

Side note: I just got a visual of a hell-beast holding me and sipping my soul out through a straw, like a piña colada served in a coconut, as I held the little cocktail umbrella for him, to make sure he got the full Ellie-colada drinking experience… (I wish I could share that visual with you – it’s pretty amazing…)

Well, that little visual made me laugh! But I definitely wasn’t laughing back in those soul-sucking jobs – because back then I felt like I was withering away, and I had the added suffering of feeling like I had no choice but to keep going back, week after week.

And so, in remembering all of this, I also remembered how much shielding and protecting my energy played an important role in maintaining my wellbeing (and my sanity!)

So, reflecting on this, I wanted to share a couple of things with you:


1. The Universe is always giving you signs about how to overcome problems

So here’s how to start tuning into the signs…

If you’re stuck somewhere that feels toxic and misaligned, those feelings are an absolute indicator that not only is that person/place/thing not right for you, but it’s also a sign that there IS something better available to you.

It may not seem like it, because often when we’re feeling stuck or forced to endure a low-vibe situation, we can’t always see the options and opportunities available to us – but they are there! (I’ve been in those types of situations many times, and I promise you there is always hope and ALWAYS a way through, around, or over any obstacle).

So, in order to start tuning into the signs, take a deep breath, put your hand on your heart, and declare “I am open to seeing and recognising the signs that will guide me towards feeling good and into an experience that’s aligned with my happiness”

Now that you’ve asked (declared), pay attention (but don’t obsess), and when you receive the signs, give thanks. And remember, when you receive the signs it means The Universe has done its part, so the next step is on you to take action accordingly (this was the part I stubbornly resisted for so long, and prolonged my own suffering… so please don’t be like me!)


2. The Universe wants you to feel good, and protecting your energy is an important step in this

So here’s 3 quick and easy ways to start protecting your energy:

You can use these anytime you want, as part of daily practice, whenever you find yourself in a toxic or low-vibe space, or just whenever you want to!


White Light Protection

Use a white light visualisation to create a protective shield around you.

Start by closing your eyes, taking some deep breaths, and then visualise a beautiful infinite white (or any colour that feels right for you) light streaming down through the top of your head (Crown) and all the way through your entire body – and out beyond your aura – and then out through your feet into the Earth.

While doing this, hold the intention that this light is cleansing you, and then allow it to do exactly that by feeling into the peace, and cleansing and protection of this energy, and then allow it to create a shield (or bubble or egg – or anything else that aligns with you) of energy around you, that you’re lovingly and safely enclosed within.

Take as long as you need, breathing the light in and through you, and filling up your ‘bubble’, and when you’re done you can finish by saying something like “I am safe and empowered, so mote it be”


The Mirrorball or Bell Jar

Similarly to the White Light Protection method above, visualise white light energy streaming down into and through you, to help release negativity and raise your vibration, and then picture a big pair of hands lovingly coming down from the Sky/Universe and either:

a) Placing a BIG mirrorball in front of you which you step into and are protected like in the ‘bubble’ above, but this method also means that any negative energy coming towards you is deflected by the mirrors and even returned (reflected) to its sender if that’s something that resonates with you (it’s not my preferred way these days, but I used to use that method in the past because I thought it would help people who’d hurt me to see the ‘error of their ways’. So do what’s right for you)

b) Placing a bell jar of protection on top of you, which you can travel around and interact normally with others in, but where unwanted energy is unable to penetrate. (This is also a great visualisation when you’re about to go into a meeting or other area where you’re sitting for a long time. Take your seat and place the protective bell jar on top of you.


Glass of Water

Place a small glass of water between you and the source of unwanted energy (even better if you can add some salt to the water).

This is particularly good if you’re entering a potentially unpleasant meeting with someone and have to sit across from them, or even just to keep near your workspace (or wherever else you need it)

The water serves to trap the negative energy before it can reach you, so FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY, DO NOT DRINK THE WATER AFTERWARDS (yes, I had to shout that. It’s important!) because you do NOT want to be consuming that negativity-filled water! And please don’t water a living thing with it either – we don’t want your plants or pets turning into a hell-beast, after all… (Don’t worry, that wouldn’t really happen – but still…) the best option is to pour it down a drain or flush it (which is why I suggest to just use a small amount of water, since it’s just being flushed afterwards).

So there you go, my love: three simple and quick ways to protect your energy!


With love,